EpiRenu - Hand & Body Lotion


About EpiRenu: The ingredients in this brand are intended to help dry irritated skin.  They are free of synthetic fragrances.  I only use Essential Oils in this product line.  I myself have had skin problems all my life.  As I create products to help my own skin, my hope is that they will help others as well.
  1. This hand lotion is made with my own special Rose Water and Lavender Witch Hazel
  2. It is packed with ingredients know for their calming, astringent and gentle properties.   Lavender is thought to possess anti-inflammatory qualities. Oatmeal is added to create a barrier, helping to protect the skin. Glycerin absorbs moisture from the air and is known to actually soften dry skin.The lotion contains real honey, thought to be very high in natural antioxidants.  Witch Hazel is know for it's antiseptic properties. It helps to kill bacteria. It is a simple, natural product that can do wonders for the skin.
  3. It absorbs quickly and leaves your hands feeling soft, no greasy fee.
  4. It comes in both a 4 ounce and 8 ounce container.  The 4 ounce will fit nicely into a bag and the 8 ounce is in a bottle with a pump.