Happy Fall you all!

With October comes fall in the Midwest.  It's my favorite time of year. We don't want to say goodbye to summer but are looking forward to cool days, colorful trees, and the smells of pumpkins and cinnamon.  Time to turn the heat on??  With cool air and the heat on, skin becomes dryer than during any other season.  It needs moisturizers.  Exfoliation before applying moisturizers allows penetration into sub layers of the skin.  I would suggest finishing off those lighter moisturizers and begin using the heavier armor for fall like the body butters, oatmeal lotions and the magnesium lotions.  

Look for your fall scents like cinnamon pumpkin, coffee mocha, cranberry, and gingersnap cookie.  

Think fall colors and cool and sunny days!  Fall is my favorite season.  I like the cool air with the warm sun, light sweaters and coffee on the porch.  Enjoy!